Masterpass Launch Video

To support the product’s introduction, Mastercard asked 50,000feet to create a video that tells the story of how Masterpass enriches daily experiences. The video raises Masterpass awareness among B2B and consumer audiences, highlights the seamless transactions Masterpass enables—click, touch or tap—and the layers of protection against fraud and misuse.

World Elite Benefits Playbook

Aimed at the top tier of affluent banking customers, World Elite offers cardholders the ultimate in service, travel and lifestyle benefits. We chose an interactive approach for sell-in, creating a B2B tablet and browser-based web application to market World Elite to issuers—all against a backdrop of some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

Mobile Contactless Payments Demo

As the market for mobile payments grew, Mastercard sales teams needed to demonstrate the company’s capabilities to customers in both developed and developing markets. By designing an interactive tablet framework, we provided an easy-to-use app for locations without traditional LAN-based internet access.

Mobile Contactless Payments Demo

Teams now have the ability to demonstrate the functionality of Mastercard’s full range of payment solutions; and because the framework we developed is extensible, digital communications can keep pace with the market.

LAC Consumer Communications Guideline

Created for Mastercard’s Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) product and marketing teams, this guide offers a single, unified B2C communications platform for all product tiers in the region. To ensure the development of well-targeted and consistent communications, it also acts as a high-level primer on product positioning and message development.

Retail Banking Insights

Consumers’ experiences of interacting with their banks’ retail services is undergoing an increasingly rapid transformation—with many rarely (if ever) visiting a brick-and-mortar branch. Developed by 50,000feet, this guide educates issuers and makes the case for why Mastercard is the best partner for navigating this convergence of banking and technology.

Mastercard Send for Disbursements

Whether an insurance company sending payments to a claimant or an online marketplace routing proceeds from a sale to a seller, businesses can use Mastercard Send to get funds to customers within seconds on their existing debit card—no enrollment necessary. As part of the US launch of this product, we developed both digital advertising and consumer-facing messaging issuers.

Mastercard Iconography

At work in more than 210 countries and territories worldwide, Mastercard must often find creative ways to overcome language barriers. To this end, the company has relied on 50,000feet to develop extensive iconography systems both for its internal and external communications.