Homecoming Dance

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Inspired by Mortimer Adler’s monumental Great Books of the Western World series from 1952, the Container Corporation of America launched an unprecedented advertising campaign entitled Great Ideas of Western Man, engaging the public in cultural discourse while raising awareness of its product—the utilitarian, ubiquitous cardboard box. Great Ideas provided a platform for Paul Rand, Max Bill, Herbert Bayer, Saul Bass and René Magritte to bring attention to celebrated thinkers like Mark Twain, Alfred North Whitehead and Theodore Roosevelt. Today, we continue in this tradition—with the latest evolution, aptly named Great Ideas of Humanity. With reverence and enthusiasm, the Chicago Design Museum has renewed the historic series as an acknowledgment of globalization and the cross-pollination of ideas, philosophies, societies and culture. In this spirit, ChiDM connected a number of Chicago artists and designers with important thinkers, and the resulting collection of work has since traveled to Hong Kong Design Week and back, highlighting quite literally how ideas can travel. Please join us for the show’s homecoming, opening tonight at Lost Arts. We’re honored to be one of the featured artists.