Brand Transition Planning

Brand repositioning. Entering new markets. Driving new customer behaviors. Whatever the challenge, the solution requires fresh thinking.

Sometimes all it takes to facilitate this change is a slight pivot in the right direction, but even that requires thorough market analysis, strategic repositioning and creative insight. Which is where we come in.

$7.1 trillion: the aggregate value of the 100 most valuable brands worldwide.


A brand has two components: the emotional— how it makes customers feel—and the rational: what products it sells, what services it offers, how it works. By altering one or more of these elements, a brand transition is altering the very fabric of the brand itself, so it's important to tread lightly.


Educating customers about new technology in relation to your existing offerings.


Helping people let go of their existing brand perceptions in favor of new ones.


Getting users to embrace new behaviors.


Reimagining a heritage brand to breath new life into it and target the next generation.


Determining which aspects of a brand can support the pivot to a new space.


Gaining buy-in for stakeholders who question the need for the transition in the first place.

82% of investors say name recognition is an important factor guiding them in their investment decisions.


Applying strategic Design Thinking to brand-level business challenges paves the ways for leading behavior change and digital transformation across B2B2C journeys while safeguarding the existing brand equity and keeping loyal customers engaged.

New Revenue Streams

Successfully launch new product lines without cannibalizing existing ones.


Prevent Brand Dilution

Realize the benefits of a brand extension strategy while minimizing the risks.


Hedge Against Disruptors

Prevent new technologies or business paradigms from displacing you by developing your own offering.

Move Up the Value Chain

Ensure that customers understand as you broaden your value prop toward a one-stop-shop strategy.


Evolve Your Brand

Update your visual identity or pivot strategically to secure your future—without alienating your core customers.


Become a First-Mover

Introduce the next generation of technology to consumers and position yourself at the head of the pack.

59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust.

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