Branding Commemorations

For brands, major anniversaries are not simply cause for celebration—they are an opportunity to connect in powerful ways.

Raising awareness. Inspiring employees. Setting direction. Or simply changing minds. But in order to bring the appropriate energy to this pivotal moment, an integrated brand strategy and a focused creative approach is required.

< 33% of companies in most industries reach their 10th anniversary.


In an ideal world, every major brand anniversary would coincide with a period of growth, stability, clear direction and high morale. Real life, however, can be more complicated. Which makes striking the right tone for the commemoration paramount.


Striking the right balance between celebration and commemoration.


Aligning the particulars of the anniversary campaign with corporate strategy.


Making the anniversary relevant to both recent hires and long-tenured employees.


Designing a calendar of internal and external events to generate excitement.


Communicating "our best years are still ahead" in a genuine way.


Setting the right tone for the future of the company.

< 18% of companies in most industries reach their 20th anniversary.


Whether through licensing existing music or engineering entirely new sounds, a fully realized sonic brand is perhaps the most under-appreciated of all marketing tactics.

Gain Visibility

Make yourself top-of-mind with decision makers who may not have thought of you for a while.


Boost Morale

Use your organization's history and achievements to remind employees that they are part of something important.

Public Relations

Brand anniversaries allow you to do media engagements in a way that feels more genuine and less self-serving.


Test New Identity

Rather than make a high-stakes commitment to refreshing your official brand, use this time to test the waters with a new look and feel.

Of all companies more than 100 years old, 89% employ fewer than 300 people.

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