A formula for change—Abbott is a story of ambition.

For more than 125 years, Abbott has brought new products and technologies to the world—from medicines, nutrition and diagnostics to cardiovascular and diabetes care. Following the company’s split into two organizations in 2013, Abbott looked to 50,000feet to revitalize its brand, helping define the brand platform, refresh the look and feel and refine messaging around core pillars of the business.


A global powerhouse like Abbott needs a brand strategy that connects and celebrates the work that is being done within individual business units and across the organization while conveying a single vision and an inspiring purpose for its customers and employees. This is why Abbott came to 50,000feet to engage their internal and external audiences across channels and around the world through strategic messaging and brand experiences that champion Abbott's mission to help people live life to the fullest.


50,000feet provided the brand and creative strategy and developed a compelling and extensible communications platform for Abbott's global team, developing brand positioning, strategic messaging, a visual brand language, communications and tools to help their team achieve their vision for a more connected, global future. To help steward the Abbott brand through cycles of product innovation and company mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, our team helped bring the company’s innovation—and promise—to life.


Working with a company built on pioneering innovation underlines the importance of having a well-architected brand platform for supporting growth. Our work helped 94,000 employees working in more than 150 countries to see themselves in their work and in Abbott's brand expression. We helped to celebrate the breadth and depth of Abbott's innovative solutions and position Abbott as a leader in its respective markets around the work, all while helping to build trust with customer and to continue to attract talent to the company's global network through inspiring communications across channels, media and platforms.

50,000feet partnered with Abbott to reimagine the employee intranet. Leading the brand and user experience design, 50,000feet created a more exciting, efficient user flow that included customized and personalized content feeds as well as flexible and scalable content management. The new portal helped lay the groundwork for expanded collaboration and social networking across the entire organization.

50,000feet created a training microsite designed to introduce employees to the new intranet, educating them on its new functions and capabilities.

In welcoming St. Jude into the Abbott family, Abbott had the opportunity to inspire new audiences by sharing their mission, vision and values in a compelling way. As part of this effort, 50,000feet developed a series of corporate communications that conveyed the powerful and inclusive Abbott brand story.

50,000feet created an interactive content toolkit that shared how Abbott’s legacy is carried forward in its ongoing cardiovascular innovations. By offering teams and partners content tools, we were able to help educate and inspire audiences about the brand’s bold vision for the future.

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