Archer Hotel


Build a destination brand—from the ground up.

Amenities determine who your competition is—but brand determines who wins. When premier hospitality developer LodgeWorks prepared to launch their latest boutique hotel in historic Midtown Manhattan, 50,000feet was tapped to develop a complete brand identity system for the property. The result was Archer Hotel: as much a place to rest as to explore.


To build its brand, 50,000feet created a brand strategy and identity system that was classic yet bold, familiar yet refined. 50,000feet designed not only its print, digital and environmental communications but also every aspect of the guest experience, including messaging, photography and branded ephemera.


50,000feet designed an identity system to work across all hotel locations, from New York to Napa. Sophisticated and upscale, the logomark, typography, brand messaging and black-and-white photography captures big-city elegance as well as adapts to Napa Valley.


With a well-defined brand strategy and well-executed guest experience, the brand has not only helped to differentiate the upstart boutique within a crowded category but has also become a platform for growth. Since its debut in New York, Archer has added four additional properties and shows no signs of slowing down.

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