Automotive + Retail

For a premium brand, finely tuned communications are never a luxury.

Whether it’s SIRIUS Satellite Radio, custom wheels or factory-certified repair, BMW offers customers a wide array of products and services to enhance their ownership experience. 50,000feet worked with BMW’s Aftersales Division to infuse them with a visual identity and a voice that reflects one of the world's most recognizable and premium brands. Our efforts have included the development of an online tool allowing dealers to build customized print advertising as well as a quarterly publication designed to improve communication between BMW North America and its dealer network.

E-commerce Experience

BMW asked 50,000feet to take part in a major SEO project to tune up its e-commerce site for vehicle and lifestyle accessories. Building on the existing site architecture, we created landing pages that dovetailed with their SEO strategy to optimize conversion. In addition to providing overarching messaging and a visual framework, we developed core e-commerce categories and keywords to improve search results that lead buyers directly to the products they want.

BMW Quarterly Publication

The official voice of BMW Aftersales in North America, Link magazine is a quarterly publication that brings the world of service, parts, accessories and lifestyle to more than 340 BMW dealerships in the United States. We brought Link to life, from content strategy and research to design and production supervision.

Dealer Network Marketing Campaign

Essential to incremental sales growth for dealers, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles allow the luxury brand to penetrate more of the upper-income market. Designed as a turnkey solution for driving interest, these materials targeted the up-and-coming affluent.

BMW CPO Website

For most dealers, fulfillment of online sales through the BMW North CPO America website make up a significant source of revenue. In addition to updating design and UX to better reflect BMW brand guidelines, we rewrote copy to home in on relevant messaging.

Dealer Network Program Messaging

BMW established its Certified Collision Repair program to preserve the performance, beauty and value of BMW vehicles involved in collisions. It was no accident that we were called in to repair the program’s marketing materials.

Joy Campaign

Driving a BMW is pure joy. So, when BMW needed a communication strategy for its integrated campaign, we let passion take the wheel. In a series of print and digital ads, we captured BMW’s superior design and technology in a uniquely human way for an emotional brand story that stuck.

BMW Motorsport Advertising

Proof is in the performance, something that readers of Bimmer and Roundel magazines understand. In a print advertising campaign for BMW Motorsport Parts, we showcased BMW racing victories and the inherent joy that comes with every win powered by advanced design.