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One brand vision, a multitude of design expressions.

Boston Consulting Group is one of the world’s largest management consulting firms, with a tradition of deep thinking and a 50-year legacy of client impact. They came to us looking to transform their brand for the digital age, in order to better reflect the dynamic growth and diversification of their offering. Over the course of a five year relationship, we overhauled their entire visual landscape, including a new logo and identity system, a redesigned website, signature thought leadership microsites, custom artwork libraries, and a revamped employer brand.


BCG brings together the world’s leading thinkers and cutting-edge practitioners, but their existing brand didn’t reflect this reality. With over 90 offices in 50 countries, a complex brand architecture, a vast partnership structure, and a historically siloed approach to marketing, the organizational alignment would prove crucial to developing a holistic vision for the brand’s future.


Immediately we recognized the need for a unified but flexible approach to design. We led the creation of a set of brand principles as well as a design manifesto, developed through extensive internal interviews and rolled out in hands-on training workshops, all aimed at empowering BCG’s global creative studio leads to take ownership of the new brand vision.


Our engagement culminated in the creation of a new logo, establishing a simpler, bolder, and more connected icon for the brand that is digitally legible and globally recognizable. Placed at the center of a newly rationalized brand architecture and identity system, the mark firmly centers this expansive brand universe and reasserts BCG as an imaginative and iconic force for business.

Brand Identity

The value [of parametric art] is two-fold: not only does it provide web content to distinguish the practice areas, but it provides a conversation starter for both clients and prospects that expresses what BCG is, and how deeply they think about things.

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