Manufacturing + Luxury + Architecture and Design

Duchateau is a designer and manufacturer of luxury architectural elements, from custom flooring to wall coverings, found in award-winning luxury hotels, retail designs and homes worldwide. As Agency of Record, 50,000feet has led the brand through both revitalization and digital transformation, helping position Duchateau as a disruptive and one of the fastest-growing companies in the category.


2019 saw a commercial and residential flooring industry rocked by trade tariffs while product preferences shifted from hardwood to vinyl, but Duchateau is the kind of brand that can adapt to an ever-evolving retail model and capitalize on continued growth in professional design, trade and consumer markets. To support increased engagement across all segments and the launch of new products in new markets, 50,000feet applied expertise in the Architecture & Design category as well as a deep understanding of the changing market dynamics faced by manufacturer-distributors.


50,000feet developed a holistic strategy for re-introducing the brand to the world, including a go-to-market approach that leveraged a reimagined brand architecture, bold new manifesto with refined positioning, customer profiles, new visual identity system, photography and sales tools across digital, mobile, print, packaging, retail, social and video channels. The initiative also supported public relations efforts, which garnered coverage in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Town & Country, Domino, Luxe, Modern Luxury Interiors and other trade and shelter publications, providing a platform for event sponsorship and the DuGood sustainability program, which made the planting of 10,000 trees possible in 2019.


Rebranding has achieved the highest levels of engagement in the company’s history, including record unique visitors to the website with brand impressions growing from 3.35M in 2018 to 74M in 2019. Instagram engagement rose from 1% to 8.12%, which is phenomenal considering an industry average of just 2.15%. The number of overall social media followers increased by 10%, whereas overall social engagement increased by 510% and impressions by 1,058%. With one-on-one CRM engagement growing by more than one third in less than a year, the Duchateau team has necessarily shifted focus to ensure the highest quality of service in handling inbound traffic, qualified sales leads and sold-out status of many its innovative new products almost immediately after launch.

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