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When their much-loved grandmother, Frances “Granny Franny” Keeffe, sought treatment for ALS, the Peckhams saw the impressive therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids first-hand. So when New York state legalized their usage years later, the family founded Etain: the state’s first women-and family-owned medical marijuana company. Committed to the highest quality standards, it is a true “seed-to-sale” enterprise, operating everything from cultivation to production to retail distribution.

In anticipation of the legalization of recreational cannabis use state-wide, Etain tapped 50,000feet with translating the founders’ vision into its next chapter as a wellness brand, expanding its role beyond a clinical offering.


From the beginning, we operated under a primary directive: the brand refresh should not attempt to gain new recreational customers at the risk of alienating Etain’s existing base of medical users. Therefore, we took an anthropological approach, searching for overlapping behaviors and values between the two segments. We found two promising areas: the cadence of usage and the importance of product quality—dosing precision in particular.


Unlike habit-forming substances, cannabis lends itself to a stable cadence of daily use. Meanwhile, Etain’s high quality resulted in a premium price point, making professionals a likely target audience—who also need highly reliable oil purity and dosing, i.e., can’t risk too much THC content during working hours. 50,000feet’s idea was to position Etain as part of a daily wellness routine, akin to skin care or practicing mindfulness: “Take a Moment with Etain.”


The success of the idea was immediate, garnering not only positive media impressions but attracting a significant number of new customers while staying true to the company’s therapeutic users.

Brand Identity




Whereas its original vape pens used “510” threaded oil canisters—which could be cumbersome to manually twist on and off—its new device used magnetic oil-filled pods that effortlessly slid into place. Launched on cannabis enthusiast holiday 7/10 (i.e., “oil” spelled backwards), the social campaign featured CGI animation built on top of the brand's familiar oil bubble theme.

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