International Truck


For more than a century, Navistar’s powerful brand, International Truck, has been a fixture on the nation’s highways and job sites. But even in the heavy metal world of big rigs, technology rules the day. The same is true in marketing, where much of the work is done digitally. Navistar knows trucks; 50,000feet knows digital. It’s a partnership that fits together like tractor and trailer.

From small businesses to the biggest logistics companies, prospective truck buyers often want to know what kind of capital investment they’re looking at before they begin the sales journey, which is why 50,000feet worked with Navistar to create the Total Cost of Ownership calculator. The online tool allows customers, fleet managers and sales associates to cost out a single truck or multi-truck fleet with a simple process, outputting a PDF file that can be downloaded from the web page or sent via email.

Fleetrite Video

50,000feet worked with Navistar to unpack its Fleetrite First initiative, creating a testimonial video that touts the attention to detail and service that Fleetrite customers can count on. By capturing compelling firsthand accounts, Fleetrite was able stake claim to being customers’ first choice in the aftermarket category, reinforce its credibility and build awareness of the incredible value and quality that Fleetrite parts offer.

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