Ivy Investments

The World Covered

A global brand should bear universal appeal. Now with one umbrella name to cover all that they do, “Ivy Investments” is reflective of the company’s incredible growth beyond more than just offering retail mutual funds. Evolving from “Ivy Funds” to a name that captures the breadth and depth of the company’s capabilities was not only worthwhile but also necessary, helping reach new clients and address the needs of existing ones with a portfolio that lives up to the tagline, The World Covered.

Brand Launch Video

A new look (and name, in this instance) is the product of strategic collaboration and something in which all parties—agency, client, stakeholder and financial world—should take great pride and interest. The brand video captures the momentum, energy and excitement behind the launch, highlighting the detailed process and beautiful end result, providing an effective tool for the grand reveal and helping rally stakeholders around the fresh vision for the company.


A more modern, progressive sans serif illustrates the brand’s stance within the global marketplace. Accessible and relatable, a recognizable identity system elevates the Ivy name in a fast-paced, crowded space. The update allows for a quicker read and is more representative of all that Ivy Investments has to offer. The less stylized, more geometric ivy leaf renders legibly at any scale—from large installations to mobile applications.

Brand Collateral

Consistency in investment performance is mirrored by consistency in brand applications, bringing comprehensive yet simple guidelines into play. 50,000feet developed templates and standards for all communications, reducing the number of logo variations across businesses to a singular expression.

Fund Materials

While all of the company’s investments follow the same disciplined approach, which is informed by a global perspective and core set of beliefs, the various products within the expansive portfolio have different selling points. By utilizing a visual system that speaks to the brand’s authenticity and inventiveness, Ivy Investments can unpack each product’s story in ways that are unique yet consistent.


50,000feet designed and developed the Ivy Funds website in 2013 and has since refreshed the digital experience to include the new name, identity and brand system throughout. In the financial world, communicating large amounts of content in real-time can be a significant undertaking. 50,000feet employed an information architecture to share the Ivy brand story and financial research in a compelling, user friendly way.

Waddell & Reed Brand Refresh

Parent company of Ivy Investments, Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors saw the former’s brand refresh as an opportunity to revisit its own. Since its founding in 1937, Waddell & Reed’s financial advisors have distinguished themselves by cultivating many of the longest-lasting client relationships in the industry. Built around the idea of “Taking Planning Personally”, this brand refresh runs across touchpoints—reminding advisor and client alike of why they’re here.

Waddell & Reed Brand Collateral

While they have the independence and latitude to work with clients throughout all stages of life, Waddell & Reed advisors also benefit from the firm’s outstanding tools and training support—such as the turnkey marketing materials we created as part of the corporate brand relaunch.