Ivy Investments


Turning over a new leaf.

Marketing a financial services firm is a lot like raising capital—your audience is looking primarily at people and process. Named Barron’s “Best Mutual Fund Family” for five consecutive years, Ivy Investments (and parent Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors) have long trusted 50,000feet with bringing the story of its unique investment process to life. Because in investing, it’s not just what you know; it’s what you do with it.


Ivy Funds and its affiliates, Ivy Distributors and Ivy Global Investors, had an expansive product portfolio with varied and nuanced selling propositions. The investment management leader needed a brand strategy and identity system that would support each product’s story while working within a broader brand framework--one which aligned with the company’s vision. They looked to 50,000feet to develop a strategic approach to this challenge and to reimagine their brand in a differentiated and bold way.


50,000feet worked with Ivy Funds to consolidate its affiliates into a unified, global brand: Ivy Investments. The team designed and developed a digital ecosystem, including a corporate website that supports financial professionals with product discovery, thought leadership and lead generation. The redesigned digital experience includes features that enable financial advisors to review and order thought leadership and to track performance data. Responsive design makes the site easy to use across channels, and video helps to deliver their message in an immediate and impactful way. A robust and redesigned sales enablement program empowers marketing and sales teams to support clients throughout their journey.


The new brand and supporting communications competitively position them while signaling the investment management leader remains rooted in the values that have served their clients well for more than 70 years. The new brand name and visual identity capture and convey the breadth and depth of the company’s capabilities with current and prospective clients and their supporting brand communications have helped to educate and energize their many audiences across channels, platforms and media.


Brand Video

A new look (and name, in this instance) is the product of strategic collaboration and something in which all parties—agency, client, stakeholder and financial world—should take great pride and interest. The brand video captures the momentum, energy and excitement behind the launch, highlighting the detailed process and beautiful end result, providing an effective tool for the grand reveal and helping rally stakeholders around the fresh vision for the company.

A more modern, progressive sans serif illustrates the brand’s stance within the global marketplace. Accessible and relatable, a recognizable identity system elevates the Ivy name in a fast-paced, crowded space. The update allows for a quicker read and is more representative of all that Ivy Investments has to offer. The less stylized, more geometric ivy leaf renders legibly at any scale—from large installations to mobile applications.

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