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As a payments industry leader, Mastercard is making transactions faster, convenient and more secure for everyone. Across 10 years and 500 projects, we partner with Mastercard to market their products and services and develop the strategic marketing tools that help them reach global scale. Across time, a wide variety of products and in every region of the world, we use a blend of interactive, video, print and experiential design to help position Mastercard as a brand dedicated to making life smarter, easier and more inclusive.

Commerce for Every Device

Mastercard makes smart connections possible to everyday moments in ways we’ve never seen or experienced before. To help raise awareness and create an inspirational view into the future, 50,000feet created a video highlighting how Mastercard keeps life moving seamlessly and continues to think of and lead what’s next in digital payment technology—as the more connected you are, the more free you should be.

The Mastercard Global Diversity and Inclusion team enlisted 50,000feet to redesign their department identity. It was important that it remained recognizable and true to its heritage of representing diversity, movement, technology and innovation. New Business Resource Group graphics were needed to comply with the new brand standards and complement the butterfly visual.

Small Business Optimization Video

50,000feet was asked to develop two animated videos to assist in the launch of a small business initiative to optimize sales and revenue opportunities with issuers. Video was central to generating both internal and external awareness about small business opportunities, create excitement and initiate momentum.

Masterpass Launch Video

Seamless digital payments are central to today’s payment ecosystem. Masterpass is a safe, simple and smart choice for digital payments with a consumer value proposition that is greater than the sum of its features and benefits. 50,000feet used video storytelling to go beyond features and functions to position Masterpass as the only digital platform that enabled all of the convenience of digital payment alternatives with greater security and without leaving the trusted confines of their existing bank relationships. It’s one more example of how Masterpass looks beyond the moment of payment to make commerce safer and more accessible for everyone.

Part of making the Masterpass rollout a success with consumers was to ensure card issuers also understood how to position the solution directly to their cardholders. The Masterpass Issuer Marketing Playbook was developed to help issuer’s marketing teams see through the complexity of the digital marketing landscape to find a positioning and approach that worked best for them. The Playbook provided issuers with education, motivation, channel planning and relevant, targeted messaging ideas for their consumers.

Mastercard makes marketing expertise a differentiating value add to their customers. It’s investment in consumer insights, messaging models and marketing best practices are transformed and extended from internal sales intelligence to valuable tools that help their customers succeed with their consumers. That’s partnership. 50,000feet worked with Mastercard to strike the right balance of structured and consistent communication of marketing insights and best practices with the creative and product domain flexibility that makes it possible for these valuables tools to remain both easy to use and scalable.

Mastercard Send for Disbursements

50,000feet was tasked with helping Mastercard and Allstate launch the Quick Card Pay by Allstate—a Mastercard-powered payment option. It’s innovative approach to simplifying the lives of adjusters and dramatically improving convenience and experience for policy-holders was so simple, that video story-telling was the natural fit for conveying the solution’s intelligence and simplicity. Featuring testimonials and live-action reenactments of the claims process, the video targeted consumers across digital channels to drive rapid adoption, lowering costs and delighting policy-holders.

As the market for mobile payments grew, Mastercard sales teams needed to demonstrate the company’s capabilities to customers in both developed and developing markets. Mastercard was looking for something better than a presentation, more scalable than a demo and easier to update than a video. Another challenge: The solution had to be digital, require no special software and work without an internet connection. The pioneering blend of presentation, demo and moving image was lightweight, repeatable and enabled both more engaging and conversational direct sales presentation and self-guided exploration for customers—anywhere, anytime, across devices.


Teams now have the ability to demonstrate the functionality of Mastercard’s full range of payment solutions; and because the framework we developed is extensible, digital communications can keep pace with the market.

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