Changes in business strategy have a complicated ripple effect on brand strategy. Ahead of a coast-to-coast merger of three separate appliance distributors, 50,000feet was brought in to create a new, consolidated brand. The result: Monark Premium Appliance Company—one of the largest names in luxury homes today.


Sears, the parent organization of three thriving distributors of premium home appliances, engaged 50,000feet to rationalize the family of brands to maximize their market opportunity. Through a market and customer research program which we designed and conducted, our team developed the insight and strategy to inform our strategic brand recommendations to consolidate the disparate businesses into a single brand to strengthen the organizations' competitive advantage and provide the foundation for rapid expansion and growth.


Once we developed a strategic brand framework and aligned stakeholders to a single vision, our work to express the brand began. 50,000feet developed the corporate name, naming system and brand identity for the newly consolidated company, which we grounded on a comprehensive understanding of the industry's dynamic, competitive landscape and consumer needs. After articulating the brand's positioning and customer value proposition, we aligned the company's communication strategy to support their various customers' journeys, creating an immersive expression of the brand across their corporate website, retail showroom environment, digital and social experience and print communications. To ensure business continuity and maximize brand equity, our team created a brand transition plan to introduce the brand vision to employees, business partners and customers.


As a part of larger enterprise efforts, the rebranding effort contributed to the significant and rapid growth of the company, effectively setting the stage for market expansion. Within the first two years after the rebranding, the number of showrooms increased by almost 40%, company revenues almost doubled and today, Monark premium appliances is one of the largest premium home appliance platforms in the country.

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