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For 225 years, the New York Stock Exchange has helped lay the pillars upon which great inventions have been borne, economies have grown and history has been written. As the world's largest capital market prepared to celebrate its 225th anniversary, NYSE tapped 50,000feet to develop a global brand campaign to strengthen its position among fierce and growing competition.


For 225 years, The New York Stock Exchange has been home to the world’s greatest companies. NYSE has pioneered how ideas are traded, perspective is exchanged and capital changes hands. On the occasion of NYSE's 225th anniversary year, 50,000feet set out to help differentiate the Exchange in a tangible and relevant manner by providing context for why NYSE is a global leader in raising capital and driving economic growth. Our work also sought to help strengthen the positioning of NYSE as the only choice for public companies while appealing to the next generation of tech/biotech firms as well as listed companies, all while helping to position NYSE as having the vision, capital, resources, expertise and network to improve lives for people around the world.


To deliver on these objectives, 50,000feet developed Ring True, a global brand platform that provided NYSE the ability to connect its rich heritage of pioneering innovation with a bold vision for the future. The Ring True platform leveraged the strength of the New York Stock Exchange's most visible brand signifier in a conversational and human voice and brought the brand to life through an experiential, omnichannel campaign. Telling the stories of the invention and innovation of NYSE and its listed companies, the Ring True campaign provided NYSE a differentiated, engaging and adaptable campaign to engage a range of professional and retail audiences across markets, channels and platforms. The campaign rolled out through a series of phases and spanned spanned web, traditional and digital out-of- home, non-traditional public installations and video and continues today.


50,000feet developed a brand messaging framework which empowers NYSE to activate credentials, capabilities and qualities that make them unique while communicating a foundation of integrity, an attribute that has helped to define NYSE since its beginning 225 years ago and is what drives them forward today. Ring True continues to provide a bold voice for the NYSE brand, which has come to represent the only global market to combine innovation in technology with human understanding to raise capital that raises the world, all the while remaining true to its calling: to help the world's greatest companies do great things.

In Great Company

NYSE is the only global market to combine innovation in technology with human ingenuity to raise capital that raises the world. And while the iconic institution has been voice to generations of epic adventures, NYSE has remained true to its calling: to help the world’s greatest companies do great things. Providing a platform that celebrates one of the biggest names in finance, the Ring True integrated brand campaign reinforces NYSE’s mission while providing a bold vision for what lies ahead.

Guidelines, Print Advertising and OOH

NYSE worked with 50,000feet to develop Ring True, an omni-channel integrated campaign that helps celebrate the moment while providing a scalable branded system to support what’s to come. A detailed guideline ensured that the campaign’s integrity could be maintained by all stakeholders and partners.

Website and Digital Advertising

Drawing from the rich heritage of the highly visible and respected brand, 50,000feet created assets for the Ring True digital experience that were bold and confident in their expression. Video captured the energy and momentum of NYSE’s 225th anniversary, helping set a course for the future.