75th Anniversary Campaign

In 1935, Lawrence B. Perkins and Philip Will, Jr. founded Perkins+Will on a set of core values that continue to guide the firm today—developing ideas and buildings that honor the broader goals of society. This year-long campaign explored the countless ways in which Perkins+Will alumni have helped shape cities and transform the profession as a whole.

Space to Place

The third volume of Ideas+Buildings provided a platform for a firm-wide retrospective of Perkins+Will’s 75th anniversary celebration. As a reader’s companion to a series of videos, a microsite, a blog, print communications and events, Space to Place brings the mission and vision of the world’s largest sustainable design firm to life.


For Perkins+Will, the 164-page volume repositions the firm while taking readers on a collective journey through its history through artful storytelling that employs archival and editorial imagery. As a firm whose mission is to achieve the broader goals of society, Volume 03 finds its strength in the stories of the clients – whether students, teachers, patients or practitioners—whose lives the firm helped to improve.

75th Anniversary Microsite

Throughout the year, this microsite served as the campaign’s de facto headquarters—hosting everything from video retrospectives and archival photography to historical timelines and event schedules.

75th Anniversary Video: Collaboration

Perkins+Will’s approach considers more than just architecture; it also integrates client needs around sustainability, financial metrics, branding and business strategy. In this video, President and CEO Phil Harrison elaborates on the important role that business-to-business collaboration with plays in the firm’s process.

75th Anniversary Video: Modernism

In this simple, 2-minute portrait, Global Design Director Ralph Johnson discusses not only the company's modernist roots, but the personality and philosophy behind them. By the end, the viewer understands not only the what of Perkins + Will but also the who and why.

75th Anniversary Video: Sustainability

Far from a fringe discipline, sustainable design (through decades of innovation and leadership by Perkins+Will) has fully entered the mainstream. Here, Managing Director Peter Busby discusses how sustainability is helping major cities like Vancouver actually decrease their carbon footprint—even as their populations grow.

75th Anniversary Video: Creativity

One of the newest disciplines in the world of architecture and interior design, Branded Environments extend the experience of an organization’s brand into three-dimensional space. This spot follows 30-year veterans Eileen Jones and Eva Maddox through some of their pioneering work in NYC.

Remembering Crow Island

Every story has a beginning. Narrated by an archival recording of founder Lawrence “Larry” Perkins, this retrospective takes us back to the firm’s inaugural commission: the Crow Island School.