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Join the Club.

A property and casualty insurer specializing in homes valued at $1 million or more, PURE Insurance has long been considered a hidden gem for the high net worth segment. Built from the ground up to deliver both broad coverages and truly exceptional service, PURE has a business model unique among its competitors: namely, its reciprocal exchange structure. Unlike a traditional stock insurance company—which is publicly traded and has third-party shareholders—a reciprocal exchange is owned by the policyholders themselves. This makes policyholders, in effect, members.

As PURE approached its 100,000th-member milestone, it partnered with 50,000feet to help lay the foundation for the next phase of growth.


While all of PURE’s competitors in the affluent space claimed to have an outstanding, high-touch service experience, what they actually delivered simply didn't compare. This wasn’t for lack of trying. Rather, the economics of their business models (and the resulting incentives) made it impossible for them to replicate PURE’s offering. Therefore, in order to make consumers believe PURE’s claims, we first needed to help them understand what makes PURE different.


Our solution hinged on a simple yet elegant turn of phrase: “Join the Club.” On one level, it spoke to the target audience’s desire to solve common pain points of wealthy policyholders. On another level, it referenced the reciprocal exchange structure (i.e., membership). And on yet another level, it worked as a call to action.


We created an omnichannel campaign consisting of :30-, :15-, and :06-second spots for broadcast, digital and social. The campaign received several positive mentions in the press and ran on GolfTV during the PURE Insurance Championship at Pebble Beach.

Join The Club Campaign Video

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