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The right solution at the right moment.

The legal marketing landscape has changed. New, digital-first entrants are disrupting the space with both products and brands that speak to diverse and modern buyers of legal services. Seyfarth Shaw was fighting against the perceptions of being part of the old guard, when in fact the business has long been at the forefront of innovation; creating inventive services and bold technologies to meet client needs and industry demands. Through our collaborative brand development process, we created an identity and digital experience to bring Seyfarth’s spirit to life, in an important moment for the firm.


Seyfarth Shaw was rapidly outgrowing its brand. The traditional, corporate-feeling brand did not reflect the international expansion, new technologies, and diverse offerings coming out of the law firm. This dated brand was proving to be challenging to the firm’s efforts to shift the perceptions of clients and recruits. To empower the Seyfarth team, we needed to partner with leaders from across the firm to define the strategic vision for the brand and create visuals that bring it to life.


In most industries innovation means premium. In law, it’s a loaded word and it often means cheap. Many firms claim innovation in service delivery, practice areas, and technology, but when clients hear it they associate the word with finding new ways to cut costs. Seyfarth needed to find a way to communicate the genuinely innovative offerings across their industry-leading R&D department and customer-centric tiered services while maintaining their premium market position. We needed to take a step back from the innovation conversation and ask: What is the benefit of innovation for clients? The answer lies in Seyfarth’s ability to deliver the right solution at the right moment.


Seyfarth’s positioning, created through a collaborative partnership, serves as the foundation for the firm’s flexible system, one that will be able to evolve with the brand over time. This identity tells the story of a law firm that delivers seamlessly for its clients and scales to meet their needs. The system is easy to deploy and unifies their story across channels and applications. The logo celebrates connection and collaboration, with an elegant shape evoking infinity and depth.

Brand Identity

We are proud now to have a presence that more effectively and powerfully tells the story of the excellence in legal services we’ve always offered.

Molly Porter

Director of Marketing, Seyfarth Shaw

Our new brand and website proudly capture the collective culture and energy of Seyfarth, while showcasing the leadership and diversity of our teams. It reflects who we are today, and where we want to go in the future.

Dawn M. Orel

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Seyfarth Shaw

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