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Technology for simplicity.

People don’t buy technology—they buy the experiences technology makes possible. The engineers behind many of the world’s most elite MTB components, SRAM continues to trust 50,000feet with translating the technical precision of its products into the mud-splattered, heart-pounding glory of race day or the wild-blue freedom of the trail. Let’s ride.

SRAM 1X Overview Video

While the elite racing industry was still debating the merits of 2- vs. 3-ring drivetrains, SRAM made a bold leap that changed everything: the 1X single-ring drivetrain. Packed with unique, minute-shaving innovations, it demanded in-depth technology discussions—but without losing the excitement of race day. Through scriptwriting and motion design, 50,000feet helped SRAM bring the 1X story to life.

SRAM’s XX1 drivetrain represented the ultimate in professional-level XC mountain biking performance: lightweight and fast yet durable enough for race day. Much of the XX1 campaign was dedicated to unpacking the underlying 1X design philosophy. As such, our work included developing naming for core technologies—as well as broadcast, print and sales collateral.

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