Terlato Wines


We prefer full-bodied sales with a strong finish.

When your sales force is out on the front lines, it needs the strongest ammunition possible. The leading marketer of luxury wines in the US, Terlato Wines relies on 50,000feet to create the perfect blend of digital and print communications for its 50-state, 69,000-account distributor network. Because every point of interaction should feel like a small victory.


As a producer, importer and distributor of some of the finest wines in the world, Terlato believes that marketing communications require the right blend of information, education and sophistication. 50,000feet has worked with Terlato Wines across its family of premium brands, including Gaja, Chimney Rock and Chapoutier, to serve a perfect blend of integrated campaigns to engage and drive sales among retailers, on-premise customers and consumers. An incredible combination of art and science goes into the crafting of a fine wine, and Terlato’s marketing always live up to the same standard.

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