Voyant Beauty

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Designing a New Foundation for Voyant Beauty

For decades, Vee Pak, a Chicago-based contract manufacturer, positioned itself as a flexible partner to established personal care brands that valued quick turnaround. With an eye on future growth, Vee Pak acquired Aware Products and CEI to complement its capabilities. In 2019, it integrated the three manufacturers into a single organization and engaged 50,000feet to create a cohesive global brand: Voyant Beauty.


To unite the three distinct contract manufacturers while highlighting each unit’s strengths, 50,000feet created a brand strategy across all touchpoints. With input from stakeholders, 50,000feet worked on renaming Vee Pak, Aware and CEI to reflect its new, organizational structure.


The new name – Voyant Beauty – mirrored an organization that was trend-conscious and on track to reach higher and go further than before. For the new entity, 50,000feet designed a compelling visual brand language that touched every aspect of the business with various elements and textures. This included branded interiors across their innovation centers and a new triangle logo symbolizing upward movement. The brand expression featured communications across all channels, from web pages and brochures to business cards and stationery.


50,000feet fashioned Voyant Beauty as a full-service supply chain partner to emerging and established brands in hair, skin and body care with an emphasis on innovation, customer service and speed to market. This inspired employees to feel part of a smart, sophisticated organization and educated customers on its quick response to their needs.  Voyant Beauty presented a bold new vision for the beauty industry—integrated, innovative and responsive to customers and end consumers. 

As living, breathing things, brands both old and new need guidelines in order for all of the stakeholders to maintain the highest brand fidelity through consistent expression across applications. The power of the three companies operationally and in value proposition comes through in the strategic visual and verbal positioning of Voyant Beauty. The guidelines offer dos and don’ts that position the company as ahead of the curve while affirming the brand’s world-class stature.

Facilities Installation Brand Guide

50,000feet also created a guideline for implementing the brand identity at scale, featuring wall-sized installations of graphical elements as well as showing how brand language can be used to align and inspire teams across various locations.

Having a name that represents the brand’s comprehensive go-to-market offering helps Voyant strengthen and grow relationships, as do compelling marketing communications across channels and media. 50k created a brochure that acts as an in-person sales tool as well as a leave behind, appealing to brand-conscious companies that are changing the face of beauty. Custom photography shot by Charlie Simokaitis demonstrates how the company’s facilities and their people deliver solutions driven by innovation.

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