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Making a mark in recruiting.

Successfully competing for world-class talent is a prerequisite for survival atop the professional service’s ranks. Law firms in particular face an ongoing challenge in staking their claim to differentiation and making their case to an increasingly savvy, ambitious talent pool. So we created an unmistakable brand signature that speaks directly to the high-achieving, entrepreneurial team players that thrive at White & Case.


Over a century of practice, White & Case has built an exceptional reputation through their extensive cross-border work, distinctive pro-bono opportunities, and unparalleled global footprint. However, translating these advantages into a compelling employee value proposition remained a challenge, and the recruitment experience did not reflect the distinctive confidence and vitality of the firm.


Through a global discovery process that spanned offices, geographies, and practice areas, we learned what made law professionals continually choose White & Case as the preferred place to practice their craft: The opportunity to express their individual talents on a truly global stage. This led to the core of our strategic messaging platform, and the campaign tagline, “Together we make a mark.”


The campaign centers on a signature ampersand, created by Japanese-trained calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi. This dynamic, elegant gesture serves as an instantly recognizable mark for White & Case. The visual language of bold, expressive brushwork is carried across the entire visual system, elevating every touchpoint in the recruitment journey.

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