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The lightest, most compact digital camera of its kind, the Sony Alpha 7R offered both true full-frame performance and unsurpassed portability. This powerful combination made it perfect for the field—agile enough for location scouting yet detailed enough for professional editorial work.

Prior to launch, the Sony Alpha 7R faced stiff competition from incumbents. At the brand level, Nikon and Canon had come to dominate the professional camera market through excellent customer service and sophisticated loyalty programs. Furthermore, each company had a line of interchangeable lenses compatible only with its own cameras. At the product level, Leica had built a strong reputation around its compact DSLRs.

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Our research revealed a critical insight: that professional photographers must “learn” a new camera before they can begin using it. To justify this additional time investment, the Alpha 7R’s target audience would expect superior image quality. However, the camera’s biggest differentiating feature was its lightweight, compact design.

To reconcile these competing priorities, we combined them into a single visual direction: unforgettable images that could only be captured with a compact, agile camera.

Featuring heroic product photography by Marc Tule and lifestyle photography captured by Dan Monick, the campaign was shot entirely on the Sony Alpha 7R. Combined with direct yet playful messaging, the launch spanned both print and digital—including a 5-page ad insertion within Digital Edge: a custom quarterly publication created through a partnership with Bonnier and sent to the 100,000 combined readers of its Popular Photography and American Photo magazines.

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Joined by strong reviews from Forbes, PC Magazine, Engadget and many others, the launch of the Sony Alpha 7R was a resounding success. Named “Camera of the Year” by Popular Photography, Imaging Resource and EPhotozine, the Alpha 7R established a strong foothold for Sony in the mirrorless digital camera market—elevating the Sony brand in this important niche market while paving the way for future growth.


I immediately liked its classic look and the substantial build of the Alpha 7R. The design was smart and the placement of the controls made sense.

Dan Monick, Photographer

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