Design Museum of Chicago

In 2012, the Design Museum of Chicago opened its doors for the first time. Doors, figuratively, because the organization made its start in pop-up exhibitions where you least expected it—shopping malls, warehouses and moving train cars.

And 50k was along for the journey as a founding sponsor. Fast forward to today, and we’re staying a driving force for the museum each year. From those humble beginnings, our impactful public-private partnership has led to more than 19 free exhibitions and 175+ programs throughout the years. Last year alone, the museum engaged nearly 27,000 visitors and moved into a permanent gallery space.


Recent Initiatives: (1) Postcards to Chicago 2020, view video; (2) Great Ideas of Humanity: Passing the Torch 2020; (3) All-City Visual Arts Exhibitions 2020; (4) Setting the Stage: Objects of Chicago Theatre 2020; (5) Keep Moving: Designing Chicago’s Bicycle Culture 2019 — visit to learn more.


As time passes, our partnership with 50k deepens, becoming more impactful and trusted. We know there is much more potential together, and we’re excited to see what the future holds. Partners like 50,000feet make our work possible.


Tanner Woodford

Founder and Executive Director — Design Museum of Chicago

From a recent exhibit, Great Ideas of Humanity: Passing the Torch (2020) to the Inaugural Pop-Up (2012), which featured works from Debbie Millman, Ed Fella, and celebrated IBM 100, The Design Museum of Chicago has offered inspiring and free events to the public.

We believe design perspectives in the Chicago community open our eyes to new ideas and ways to explore.

Keeping the Inspiration Alive and Well

We’re hoping to impact generations to come, and donations are an important part of sustaining a nonprofit. 50k supports the DMC with an annual match of $10k, and we encourage you to join us. Every dollar counts.

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