Not Just for the Birds

Legacy Content

With any migration comes a careful assessment of the conditions—whether in determining a flight path or nailing down technical requirements. For many of our clients, we are engaged in these kinds of discussions. An example is how to embed payment solutions across platforms and throughout the customer journey. E-commerce is critical to these plans—and a bigger part of the story than ever.

When a client approached us to find the right fit for a new platform to support robust e-commerce plus rich consumer-focused content, we considered options that would serve their immediate needs well. But we also looked at content management systems that were user friendly and easy to upgrade in the future. Replatforming from Magento to Drupal Commerce can be a tricky process, but when armed with the right tools (headphones, hoodie, world-class partners—check, check and check), anything is possible. In a recent interview with Corevist, developer of the API that synced the client’s SAP with its content management system, we shared our experience together and our passion for the dynamic landscape of e-commerce. Check it out.