We’re big fans of lunch and even bigger fans of learning. So why not embrace the age-old tradition of combining the two with our first Lunch ’n Learn of the season. Principal and Chief Strategy Officer Chris Prescher fed us pizza while unpacking the complexities of content strategy.


Strategy, in a way, is like a Russian nesting doll (our interpretation, not Chris’). He described how different strategies affect the entire creative process: business strategy defines how a brand competes in the world; brand strategy is how it appears and behaves in the marketplace; experience strategy is how we activate a brand strategy; and communication strategy looks at a range of delivery methods, including marketing, advertising and PR—with new modes and tools appearing quicker than ever before.


Content strategy asks: what is the best way to get the communication message out? What position are you putting into the minds of consumers? How will it be used to move your message forward? What elements (social, video, white papers, editorial, etc.) are needed? How will these elements be crafted and experienced? What are the goals by audience, and what are the right channels for each goal?


It may feel precious at times, but strategy is really all about movement. Clients come to us at various points in the business cycle—whether in the nascent stage long before launch or at that moment when only a critical rebrand will do. Strategy says, “Of all the things you could do, this is what you should do.” Strategy also encourages us to clear the decks of less effective tactics and options. When we listen to strategy, we can consistently and confidently write, design and create better content. And who doesn’t love “better”?