50,000feet is a brand consultancy and creative agency specializing in helping clients drive growth and efficiency through brand activation.

Since 2001, we've had the opportunity to work across a wide range of verticals—and to solve the business challenges unique to them. In the process, we have been able to gain an invaluable insight which continues to informs the work we do today.

Active Lifestyle

Tapping into the sense of adventure that lives in all of us.

They're products designed by engineers–but purchased by liberal arts majors. The technical nature of high-performance gear makes explaining its features a challenge. Instead, we focus on the human experience: longer drives, faster times, grander views.

Architecture & Design

Bridging the gap between aesthetic vision and real-world execution.

To capture a brand's story faithfully, you need a common language. Applying the same rigorous creative processes in our work as our A+D clients do to theirs, 50,000feet is the designer's designer–looking at the world at every scale and from new perspectives.


Going the extra mile when designing the customer journey.

To call this customer journey "consideration-intensive" would be an understatement. Between reviews, social media and customizers, most consumers already know what they want before they enter the dealership. At 50,000feet, we help automotive brands shape preference and loyalty–both where and when it matters most.

Consumer Products

Making "the next big thing" personal for consumers worldwide.

Imagination is the antidote to commoditization. When the two products have the same price, superior specs win. Branding, however, is what allows you to command a premium price. At 50,000feet, we bring technology to life–with breathtaking boldness.

Financial Services

Developing strategy and creative you can take to the bank.

Gravitas is essential to financial services brands. The danger, however, is when it veers into blandness. Whether speaking to registered investment advisors or internal sales teams, we believe that our creative must energize as much as educate.


Clinical precision, with a healthy dose of bedside manor.

This is an industry fueled by great minds but guided by big hearts. Healthcare brands must walk a fine line when speaking to external audiences. Whether a global conglomerate or a local startup, each needs to feel premium yet aproachable, sleek yet warm.


Welcoming new ideas to capture a powerfully unique experience.

Check in, and then completely check out. Boutique hotels in the heart of bustling metropolises. Hidden gem resorts tucked away along the coast. No matter what type of R&R your establishment offers, we can bring the experience vividly too life across channels.


Bringing deep expertise and dedication vividly to life for the public.

We've been known to make a compelling case. 50,000feet has helped develop brand identity systems, digital advertising, internal communications and even talent recruitment campaigns for law firms across a wide range of specialities.


Celebrating the richness of life's pleasures with authenticity.

Luxury soothes. Luxury emboldens. Luxury surprises. Conceived with absolute thoughtfulness and draped in the finest materials, luxury brands possess a commitment to beauty that is unrivaled. At 50,000feet, we are all too happy to indulge them.


Infusing B2B brands with some very well-received glamour.

There is an undeniable beauty in industrial precision. We have helped clients as diverse as papermills and cosmetics manufacturers position themselves as premiere suppliers in their respective markets by leveraging branding, packaging, digital and more.

Professional Services

Creating powerful work in the service of great companies.

To succeed in business, it helps to surround yourself with the right people. At 50,000feet, we have had the privilege of helping some of the country's most prestigous names in architecture, consulting and law to elevate their brands even higher.

Retail & Real Estate

Inviting the public to rediscover a feeling of belonging.

Whether shoppers or commercial tenants, people vote with their feet. From brand launches to out-of-home campaigns, 50,000feet's work in this vertical has helped moved the needle for countless clients in this highly competitive space.

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