Our process can be seen as one part business strategy, two parts creativity and a dash of computational linguistics.

This is because, in order to be effective, a name must straddle the conscious and subconscious mind. It needs to explain but also evoke. It needs to stand out, but not stick out. All of which is possible so long as you apply the right parameters.

In German, “Vicks” (i.e., the cough drop brand) and “ficks” (i.e., the f-word) are pronounced identically.


Naming is a deceptively simple task. Even if you manage to thread the semantic needle and find a strong, pitch-perfect candidate, an obscure competitor could have trademarked it first—taking you back to square one.


Finding an effective yet ownable name in a saturated competitive space.


Determining how the name relates to the parent brand and/or future products.


Ensuring that it is easy to pronounce—and can only be pronounced one way.


Discovering unintended or embarrassing associations late in the process.


Deciding how descriptive (vs. suggestive) the name should be.


Applying an objective framework for evaluating candidates.

738,112 U.S. trademark applications were filed in 2020.



While the tactical aspects of naming (e.g., aesthetics, descriptiveness, recall) receive the most attention, the long-term strategic implications are just as important.


Architecture Establish a clear relationship with the parent brand—whether you wish to leverage its equity or stand alone.




The right name can capture your brand essence while identifying what differentiates you from competitors.



Drive Awareness

A strong name has the power to boost brand recall by piquing curiosity and evoking positive associations

Linguistic Alignment

Ensure that a name resonates with its new brand or product all the way down to the level of phonemes.




Balance creativity and recall with the practical realities such as decision makers’ sensibilities and the nature of the vertical itself.




Line Extension Names can also be chosen such that they establish a framework for the launch of an entire suite of products in the future.

The U.S. is the 5th-most linguistically diverse country (328 languages spoken)

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