Amy Peckham and her daughters, Hillary and Keeley, researched cannabis for pain management as they experienced their family matriarch battle ALS. After learning that medicinal use was not yet legal in New York, they saw a pressing need for high-quality and accessible marijuana in their home state. 


In 2014, Etain became New York State's first women-owned medical marijuana company, deriving its namesake from a mythological Irish heroine and honoring late Frances “Granny Franny” Keeffe. High standards of quality and safety became their first priority, knowing Etain could help someone’s loved ones, like Granny Franny. In anticipation of recreational cannabis legalization in New York State, the Peckham family needed a partner to translate their company vision into a fresh chapter as a wellness brand, expanding its role beyond a clinical offering. 


With a vibrant and values-oriented story to attract a wellness-driven consumer audience, 50,000feet and Etain beautifully elevated everyday cannabis use. The brand tagline “Take a moment with Etain” embodies a spirit and belief that reminds customers to enjoy a fuller lifestyle when investing in their health and well-being with Etain products. The re-designed logo—whether interpreted as a flower, sun, leaves or droplets of oil—symbolizes transformation through daily moments.

In tandem with establishing the brand, 50,000feet launched a consumer-focused website to set the tone for Etain’s new flagship store in Midtown Manhattan and their positioning in the thriving wellness space. In only its first month of opening, the location has seen more than 800 patients, as reported in The New York Times.