Public policy helps us progress culture and society, ensure access to education and healthcare, govern global markets and advocate for protecting natural resources. At its best, public policy inspires meaningful debate and action in response to problems facing the world. Further, it offers perspective on the short-term and long-term benefits—as well as the consequences—of our political decisions. Born in early 2020 amid the global pandemic and resulting public health and economic crises, Driving Change was founded to help facilitate these important conversations.


As a public benefit organization and independent publisher, Driving Change seeks to redefine public policy as an expression of what a society values through the lens of societal stakeholders holding the power of transformation. Reporting on concepts and initiatives shaping international public policies, Driving Change encourages dialogue on how to create a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable world. 


Driving Change tapped 50,000feet to establish the organization’s brand identity system, amplify its mission and positioning as an authentic and respected voice within the global public policy and publishing communities. Our work has included developing a wordmark and defining the visual system across typography, palette and photographic art direction.


Set in alternating typefaces, Druk Wide and Druk Condensed, the Driving Change wordmark creates a bold and dynamic visual conversation that underscores the purpose-driven nature of the brand. To deepen and dimensionalize the expression, our team created a sonic element of the Driving Change brand. Introducing two horizontal bars, accented in red, pulsing across the wordmark with a confident and upbeat melody, the sonic logomark animation serves as an element for use at the beginning or end of videos.


Additionally, our team helped inform how the brand will express itself throughout its emerging digital experience. The website will soon offer readers a deep dive into reporting on current initiatives and insight on the leaders championing each idea in niche news sections, focusing on an area often neglected by existing mainstream media: the policies from around the world that have proven to be effective. The website will also host a library and resource center, providing access to a database of innovative projects for public research and education. 


Since its earliest days amid the current health crisis, Driving Change has focused on engaging policymakers who are addressing COVID-19’s impact in ways that minimize harm and help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In the coming year, Driving Change will broaden its reach and launch an awards program, further establishing the organization as an authoritative and inspiring voice in global conversations that will lead to a lasting impact on the world’s most crucial issues.