50,000feet is proud to announce our continued annual support of The Cooper Union Saturday Program in New York City. Made in honor of 50,000feet’s staff and clients, this financial contribution will support students and their families with financial resources to pursue their passion for the arts.


Investing in organizations like The Cooper Union helps us to promote creativity and appreciation of the arts with more students at critical points in their lives and encourage essential skills in communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and self-expression. 


“Art transforms how we see the world and how we apply ourselves,” said Tracy West, Group Creative Director at 50,000feet. “Access to art education not only equips students with lifelong tools such as creative problem-solving and collaborative learning, it provides a sense of purpose and drive.”


The Saturday Program at The Cooper Union


Since its founding in 1969, the Saturday Program at The Cooper Union has helped level the playing field in the college prep pipeline by preparing students to apply to and excel in undergraduate programs, whether in the arts or other disciplines. Cooper Union does this in part by offering free art classes to underserved NYC public high school students while giving Cooper Union undergraduates experience as instructors. The program combines arts outreach, near-peer mentorship and social justice education into an innovative curriculum committed to equitable, diverse, anti-racist, pro-LGBTQIA and de-colonial work and learning spaces. By providing young people with a safe space and resources to exercise their innate creative faculties, The Cooper Union Saturday Program helps students to become fully engaged citizens making a positive impact on their communities and in the world. In keeping with Peter Cooper’s belief that education should be as “free as air and water,” the program ensures that all students can attend for free, providing basic art materials for them at no cost.