In an era of increasing market uncertainty, marketers and their agencies continue to face challenges in attracting and retaining talent and transforming their workplace cultures to meet evolving expectations both inside and outside of their organization. As agencies continue to address these topics, marketers are realizing that they also need to adapt their approach to agency partnerships and relationships.


50,000feet is honored to have contributed a perspective to “The Marketing and Advertising Report 2022: How to Build the Right Partnership in the Era of Uncertainty,” authored by Dave Frankland and published by Insider Intelligence and eMarketer. The report answers three important questions for marketers today.


  • What are the major challenges in today’s agency ecosystem?
  • How does the era of uncertainty impact agencies?
  • How can marketers build successful agency relationships?


The report provides a breakdown of the challenges both agencies and their clients face and guidance for marketers on building equitable and long-lasting agency relationships.

To access and read the report, visit and subscribe at Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.