EarlyBird, a gifting digital platform that empowers parents, families and friends to collectively invest in a child’s financial future, partnered with 50,000feet to create a first-generation experience. 50,000feet closely collaborated with the Chicago-based FinTech startup through an agile, co-creative approach, optimizing the initial brand to drive awareness, adoption and insight while priming EarlyBird’s team for conversations with potential investors. 


In their engaging and unique approach, EarlyBird equips families and loved ones with not only the ability to give toward their childs future but also the tools and knowledge to grow financial literacy, empowerment and freedom based on individual goals. Combining educational initiatives, thoughtful investments and emotional video memories, EarlyBird builds a supportive and lasting community for each child.


In November 2020, EarlyBird announced a $2.4M financing along with the upcoming public launch of its mobile app. Along with further building their team, this financing allows EarlyBird to onboard the first few thousand parents, families and friends and officially launch its iOS app this month, in time to enable consumers to send gifts and video messages during the socially-distanced holiday season. To learn more and gain early access, visit getearlybird.io.