Does creativity follow an easily explained or repeatable process—or is it something more serendipitous and surprising? What makes great creative? How do you recognize and define it? And, what are the necessary ingredients for creative execution?


While we often judge creativity by how clever or poignant its expression of an idea is, developing breakthrough creativity is challenging in categories in which either customer or client sentiment or industry regulation prevents nontraditional approaches. 


50,000feet Principal Jim Misener recently addressed this topic in the Gramercy Institute’s “The Creative Process” webinar, the final session of its four-part 2nd Annual Financial Agency Brilliance Series. The panel of agency design and executive leaders discussed the process of developing creative work for financial services brands, from effective messaging to all forms of brand experience across channels, markets and platforms. 


Speaking to the needs of brand marketers within financial services, panelists discussed whether developing creative for financial brands is more difficult than other less conventional or regulated sectors. They also provided insight into the creative process and added perspective on how great creativity can drive great brand experiences. Topics ranged from sharing examples of memorable and meaningful brand experiences within financial services to how financial services marketers are pushing the definition of great work in the category today.


According to Adobe, companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5 times greater market share. Moreover, in a recent study on creativity’s contribution to businesses and brands, Forrester notes that firms exhibiting creativity grow 2.6 times faster than their peers. 

One way that 50,000feet succeeds in driving creativity for financial companies—and all our clients—is by committing to an interdisciplinary approach, grounded on audience insight and contextual needs within an omni-channel world. When done well, teams across client service, strategy, creative and technology deliver a well-informed, multifaceted perspective, addressing the direct needs of our clients and their customers in unexpected ways. Creativity gives us the power to build community, bridge gaps, break barriers, inspire action and evoke emotions. At 50,000feet, it’s what we do.