The only cloud-native investment management SaaS platform of its kind, Enfusion unifies front-, middle- and back-office firm operations through a single golden dataset, allowing everyone in the investment process to act on the same information in real-time, anywhere in the world. After years of proving their powerful new technology paradigm in the hedge fund space, Enfusion tasked 50,000feet with helping them prepare for a period of aggressive expansion into the institutional investor segment and for their approaching IPO.


To help the company move from the ranks of tech start up to a proven global platform, 50,000feet worked to translate the power of Enfusion’s differentiated technology into a compelling brand experience. To begin the process, 50,000feet conducted market research to clarify and highlight Enfusion’s profound competitive advantages. This resulted in a strategic brand platform and multi-audience messaging framework that aligned Enfusion’s core benefits, helping the company appeal to their various enterprise audiences more effectively.


Along with defining the brand’s verbal expression, 50,000feet developed Enfusion’s visual brand identity system. We created a new logo using the refreshed palette and typography, giving Enfusion a bold and elegant presence in the FinTech landscape. Additionally, we art directed photography and design treatments to build out a robust visual guideline. 


As Enfusion approached further expansion, the website redesign and development needed to signal the expertise and sophistication of the company’s software solution. We structured the site to allow site visitors to see at a glance what Enfusion offers, using the nomenclature of the platform and services framework 50,000feet developed. 


Supporting Enfusion’s brand launch campaign, 50,000feet developed creative content and online applications to actively promote them as the go-to asset management SaaS platform. 

To learn more about Enfusion, visit their website.