Founded in 1878, The American Bar Association is the largest voluntary membership association of lawyers and legal professionals in the world. ABA partnered with 50,000feet to develop a comprehensive video campaign highlighting the organization’s mission and brand pillars to attract new members and drive awareness for the legal profession. 


The ABA provides practical resources for legal professionals, law school accreditation, model ethics codes and more. Members gain access to exclusive continuing education, benefits, services and group networking opportunities focused on advancing professional growth and knowledge.

50,000feet’s “For All campaign introduces ABA’s brand ethos of working to defend liberty and pursue justice for everyone, starting with an overarching platform video followed by four pillar videos focusing on ABA’s core commitments: serving members, advocating for the legal profession, eliminating bias and enhancing diversity and advancing the rule of law across the U.S. and around the world. 


50,000feet developed the video concept, visual expression and narrative to bring the series to life. The campaign features :30 and :15 second cutdowns for use across the ABA’s website, social media and other digital touchpoints. 


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