In today’s world of digital content and programmatic advertising, marketers and agencies optimize their media buys by verifying that publishers place their ads on reputable sites and apps with a proven readership. On the other side of the business, content providers distinguish themselves in a crowded landscape by providing independent verification of site traffic. That’s where organizations like Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) operate as a neutral third party at the center of publishing and advertising. 


Despite its heritage and category dominance, swift changes in the media technology industry required AAM to better use its digital presence to communicate the organization’s position as AAM continues to shift its identity from auditor to solutions provider. To strengthen meaningful engagement with existing and prospective clients, AAM partnered with 50,000feet to create a compelling customer experience.


Trust, Integrity, Collaboration and Adaptability


A nonprofit industry body founded in 1914 by the Association of National Advertisers, AAM powers transparency and collaboration between North America’s leading media professionals. Since its founding, the organization has continuously evolved its focus and positioning to emphasize its support of the publishing industry’s shift from print-only products to all-inclusive brands consisting of websites, apps, social media, video and more. Today, AAM is the industry’s recognized leader in cross-media verification with unparalleled expertise across all brand platforms. More than 4,000 publishers, advertisers, agencies and technology vendors use AAM’s data-driven insights, technology certification audits and information services to build confidence with their customers.


Modernize and Humanize


To provide the foundation for this initiative, 50,000feet partnered closely with AAM to give voice to the omnichannel brand by helping to modernize the visual language of the century-old organization. Our goal was to communicate the brand attributes of trust, collaboration and integrity while helping to humanize the technology that increasingly informs many of AAM solutions and services. 


The evolution of AAM’s brand strategy and expression informed a new perspective for the brand platform, Transact with Trust. In addition, our team developed the customer experience and marketing plan, providing a framework for current and planned marketing and communication initiatives across channels, platforms and media. 


The integration of product, marketing and client service functions, as well as access to third-party resources, were critical goals of transforming the digital experience, leading to the re-platforming and relaunching of AAM’s website and social channels. In addition to the website and current in-progress launch campaign initiatives, the development of other brand activation touchpoints will include video treatments, corporate communications and sales and marketing materials. 


AAM’s brand transformation efforts help to lay the foundation for continued growth and momentum for the organization and the future of digital media. In December 2020, AAM launched an independent, third-party audit program for digital publishers as an important step in continuing the fight against digital advertising fraud.

To learn how AAM brings trust and transparency to today’s media ecosystem, visit the website.