After establishing a heritage of building strong client relationships and honing their data and behavioral science capabilities to solve organizational problems, Axiom Consulting Partners struggled with a lack of clear name ownership and brand differentiation. To address these challenges, Axiom engaged 50,000feet to develop a new firm name and an accompanying brand identity to launch in a redesigned and developed corporate website. 


50,000feet began a research and brand strategy phase to define how a newly imagined brand could support Axiom’s vision. Through interviews, focus groups and other research methods, Axiom was able to gain employee feedback and sentiment to help inform naming explorations. With those findings along with a competitive brand positioning strategy, 50,000feet and Axiom collaborated through a strategic brand naming approach and developed the company’s new name: Lotis Blue Consulting. 

Derived from the name of the world’s rarest butterfly, Lotis Blue conveys the brand’s essence of growth and transformation through a universally recognized symbol. The name signals the company’s commitment to helping clients capture and action unique insights through a personalized approach and blend of data and behavioral science.

Complementing the new name, 50,000feet created a corporate visual identity system with a modern and evocative logomark, palette, typography, photographic style and custom artwork to differentiate the firm from competitors. The brand work coincided with 50,000feet’s redesign and development of Axiom’s website to strengthen the firm’s digital presence in support of overall awareness and client engagement efforts.

To learn more about Lotis Blue Consulting, explore the website here.