Continuing our partnership with one of the world’s most preeminent management consulting firms, 50,000feet helped BCG position and launch BCG X, its newly established global tech build and design brand. Advancing BCG’s deep industry and functional expertise, BCG X integrates advanced technology capability with ambitious entrepreneurship to help organizations define, build and commercialize their next big ideas. 


BCG X is home to leading technologists, scientists, engineers and designers who are passionate about creating change through the sum of their talents. Building end-to-end partnerships with clients, BCG X rapidly launches products, services and solutions that generate immediate and tangible results and impact at scale. 


Through a series of in-depth interviews, strategic audits and interactive workshops with BCG global stakeholders, 50,000feet developed a strategic brand platform, introducing core brand elements of the BCG X story which includes its mission, vision, values and personality to align the sub-brand’s positioning and differentiation within the firm and in the marketplace. 


Complementing the foundational strategic and verbal identity work, 50,000feet created the BCG X logomark and defined a comprehensive visual language, spanning typographic and photographic approaches to palette and data visualization styles, in order to capture and convey a bold and futuristic vision. As part of the global brand toolkit, 50,000feet activated interpretative brand graphics to turn the X mark into a modern canvas for the representation of BCG X’s ideas and ambitions and provide a platform upon which BCG can build and grow.

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