To further translate the company’s vision into a wellness brand, Etain recently launched redesigned consumer packaging, continuing their collaboration with 50,000feet. The packaging redesign continues to highlight and strengthen the positioning of New York’s first family-run, women-owned, seed-to-store agribusiness and medical marijuana dispensary.


Etain’s packaging tells a story of whole health and self-care while balancing the need to speak to both medical and recreational consumers. Using the consistent leaf/droplet pattern featured in Etain’s logo, the design represents the herbal nature of the marijuana plant and the purity of the oil used in Etain products. The minimal design and accented coloring seen in each product brings an elegance often found in beauty and cosmetic goods. 


Complementing product-specific color usage, the copy featured on Etain’s packaging encourages consumers with an uplifting story matched to the type of strain purchased. These stories appear throughout the packaging including a welcoming message under each product’s opening flap. Etain’s product offering ranges from capsules and flowers to spray and lozenges. Each product has a different CBD to THC balance, which is indicated by the product names—Dolce, Mezzo, Balance and Forte refer to tempos in the musical world—and brought to life in the messaging on each package.


The packaging has strengthened Etain’s presence both in-store and online. Etain’s partnership with 50,000feet also included the launch of a redesigned consumer-focused website. 

To learn more, visit our case study.