In investing, strategies can be manufactured—or they can be crafted. With more than $63 billion in AUM, William Blair entrusts 50,000feet with breaking through the clutter to bring its unique active management approach to life for institutional investors and consultants alike. We're proud to share that our work this past year for William Blair has been recognized for Creative Campaign Excellence by the Gramercy Institute and earned a STAR Award in the Advisor category for the campaign website.


One of the world’s most preeminent investment banking and asset management firms, William Blair offers many important yet nuanced advantages to its clients. 50,000feet has partnered with the firm for the past five years, bringing greater visibility to its leadership in the world of finance. Leveraging the firm’s unique investment strategy, 50,000feet developed the platform Active Never Rests for use across digital, print, video and environmental applications. We designed the campaign microsite to convey William Blair’s tireless pursuit for returns in a market that’s ever-changing, outlining the firm’s investment approach and helping clients make insightful and results-driven decisions in the process. Targeting institutional investors, this multi-channel campaign continues year-after-year to help unpack the nuances that set the firm apart from other active managers. 


For this past year's integrated campaign’s core audiences—institutional investors and consultants—our research showed that the active vs. passive debate was moot; asset allocation by management style was determined largely by risk modeling. Rather, we decided to focus on those attributes that these audiences valued in active managers as a whole, including repeatable processes, conviction and downside protection, with the goal of positioning William Blair as the ne plus ultra. How could we encapsulate the essence of an active manager into a single, easy-to-digest concept? By focusing on William Blair’s unique take on quality investing—and why it matters in a time of volatility.