Brand New has spotlighted 50,000feet’s work with the innovative asset management SaaS platform, Enfusion.


Partnering with their team in the run-up to their recent IPO and moving forward, 50,000feet developed the brand’s visual identity system to support the company as they prepare for a period of aggressive expansion into the institutional investor segment.


50,000feet drew inspiration from the molecular quality of clouds as well as the dimensional configuration of constellations to create a brand pattern that elegantly connects the idea of a data set that is in perfect harmony: fluid, intelligent and directional. The clustered dot pattern forms a simple and structured symmetry to capture the idea of modular adoption. The position and scale of the dots provide a focal point and connote centrality, wholeness and radiance. By composing the dots as a unit, it allows infinite repetition and becomes a graphical throughline, adapting to a range of formats and mediums. 


Enfusion is the only cloud-native investment management SaaS platform of its kind. The technology leader unifies front, middle and back-office firm operations through a single golden dataset, allowing everyone in the investment process to act on the same information in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Visit Brand New to see the transformation of the Enfusion brand identity.