Brandingmag recently welcomed Jim Misener, 50,000feet Principal and President, as a guest expert on the Branding Over Wine podcast series. In the episode, host Martin Schiere and Jim discuss the importance of putting people first in tech branding and how brands must help customers navigate and understand the evolution of products and the technology behind them with empathy.

Read the full article and listen to the episode below.

Podcast Ep 13 | Business-to-Human: Keeping People at the Heart of Tech Branding

“We often categorize our worlds as B2B or B2C. To cut to the center, we should say that all the work we’re doing is really B2H–business to human. If you put the human being in the center, suddenly you have an organizing principle to say, ‘How do I create a connection with the human on the other side of this? How do I surprise and delight, and even build community?’” – Jim Misener


As technology becomes increasingly ‘invisible’ and internal within products, brands create the contours that allow us to connect and understand those products. In this Branding Over Wine podcast episode, Jim Misener, president at the agency 50,000feet, reminds us that the genesis of brands was to help people move through the world. And as our world trends towards tech, brands will play a vital role in helping us navigate and understand it.