Communication Arts, the largest international trade journal of visual communications, has recognized 50,000feet for digital design excellence in their work to reposition the luxury flooring brand Duchateau. The website re-introduces Duchateau to design professionals and consumers while empowering them to source and specify across their expansive portfolio. The website supports the introduction of new products and initiatives that Duchateau has recently launched, including DuGood, a sustainability project that plants a tree for every flooring purchase.


The refreshed website offers a sleek, fashion-forward look to the brand as expressed through minimal design elements, strong typographic voice and editorial photography captured by Todd Selby and Todd Cole. The website’s navigation embraces simplicity while amplifying usability as well as allowing visitors to preview products within their own environment through the use of a visualizer. 50,000feet designed and developed the site as both a powerful marketing and sales tool that builds on the equity of Duchateau’s unique product offering and a digital destination meant to accelerate sales growth, design innovation, new customer acquisition and loyal customer return.