In his compelling and wholly original book titled Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Adam Grant writes of the science—and wonder—of originality and how it informs creativity of all kinds. “Ultimately, the people who choose to champion originality are the ones who propel us forward. After spending years studying them and interacting with them, I am struck that their inner experiences are not any different from our own. They feel the same fear, the same doubt, as the rest of us. What sets them apart is that they take action anyway. They know in their hearts that failing would yield less regret than failing to try.” It’s in this same spirit that we were honored to share some of our thoughts and some of our own journey with students at DePaul University this commencement and Summertime season in a lecture titled On Creativity. It was a great privilege and a lot of fun. Congratulations to all of the students forging ahead in the fields of science, technology, medicine, finance, education and the arts as well as to those who will invent wholly original paths of their own. So here’s to all of the originals out there: it’s through your imagination and innovation that we are reminded that we really can change the world.