Today, research institutions, nongovernmental organizations, business leaders and governments around the world are asking the same questions when imagining a future with AI. How can we responsibly govern emerging technology with both realism and optimism? How do we lead the future with human agency driven by data insight? And above all, how can we use everything we have learned and have invented as a force for good and as a catalyst for change? 


The Rockefeller Foundation has long addressed the challenges and opportunities AI presents. In fact, the Foundation funded the Dartmouth Summer Research Project in 1956, where a band of scientists, engineers and mathematicians originated the term artificial intelligence. 64 years on, in October 2019, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted A Month of AI in Bellagio at the Bellagio Center. Leaders in technology, the public sector, the social sciences and the arts gathered to ask deeper questions and offer pioneering answers. Their objective was to shape and share a collective vision of how AI affects our well-being and what societal shifts we will see as more human and machine collaboration continues to develop and emerge.


More recently, 50,000feet is honored to have had the opportunity to work with The Rockefeller Foundation on a compilation on the current state of AI, featuring a range of scientific, economic and cultural conversations that took place during the month-long event surrounding how it is impacting us today and helping to define tomorrow. As a guide to AI, fourteen of the world’s most recognized voices in the field of AI today penned essays to add to The Rockefeller Foundation AI+1 report, with the intention of making the collection a “notebook of ideas” to encourage us to continue to explore nuanced topics rather than providing definitive answers. Paired with imaginative illustrations by Nicholas Blechman and edited by Carolyn Whelan, the report brings together the story of AI to readers in an accessible and editorial way, while inviting us all to help write the next chapter.


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