The Diversity in Design Collaborative recently celebrated its first anniversary. Founded in June 2021, DID began with 19 member companies and has grown to 48 and counting. 50,000feet is honored to be a part of DID’s community and support its critical mission in recognizing and increasing diversity in design across all disciplines.


In its first year, DID has continued to make progress in opening design career opportunities for Black youth through the building of industry awareness, knowledge and connections that will form an educational pipeline that leads to full-time employment.


“This collaboration of people and organizations have dug deep and deliberately to identify the right questions and potential solutions to truly have an impact,” remarked Todd Palmer, Director, Diversity in Design Collaborative in a recent anniversary memo. “We’re remaining focused on actions at pilot scales that we can learn from and mobilize as we evolve and expand our reach. This is how we make the sector-wide impacts that brought our organizations and us as people together.”


In March 2022, DID hosted its inaugural youth design festival, Designed By, an exploratory event where nearly 200 Detroit high school students learned about the various fields of design and met with Black creatives from across the design industry.


Throughout the year, DID has also helped facilitate surveys and working sessions across 22 schools  nationwide to better understand where DID can create impact within the contemporary fields of design.


Palmers remarked that “Although young, we are learning and thus growing into our power as a unified force whose collective intelligence will continue to unravel a complex, enduring, and daunting question: how do we diversify the fields of design?”

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