What makes you different is what makes you great. Your voice, your style, what you dig and what you don’t. How you think, how you see things, how you move, who you are and what you do. Sharing these differences is what gives life more flavor and gives each of us our punch. 50,000feet is proud to have partnered with American Licorice to develop two campaigns that capture and convey the brand’s values while inspiring consumers to treat themselves to Sour Punch and connect with one another. The campaigns launched through a series of broadcast spots and social content aimed at helping audiences celebrate what makes them unique while appreciating what makes us different.


Between Friends is a three-part series that tells the story of two friends as they grow older, showing how Sour Punch acts as a powerful reminder of their connection. The commercial spots challenge stereotypes through unconventional casting and position American Licorice products as characters in and of themselves. Highlighting a range of young adults, the Be the Differents campaign is a platform for their distinctive personalities, individuality, style and love for Sour Punch while celebrating diversity and making the world more flavorful.


Building on American Licorice’s commitment to partnerships with organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, the campaigns inspire us to help make the world a better, more inclusive place. As we look to the future, we’re reminded not to hide from what makes us different—but rather embrace it and be it, whatever it might be—because great things happen when we empower each other and embrace our punch.