Etain, New York’s only family-run, women-owned, seed-to-store agribusiness and medical marijuana dispensary, tapped 50,000feet to assist with the launch of their magnetic vape pen, Motif. Last year, 50,000feet partnered with Etain on their rebranding initiative to translate their company’s vision from a clinical provider to a consumer wellness brand.


Most vape pens use a 510 threaded cartridge which screws into the pen. Instead, Motif uses a magnetic pod that quickly and securely locks into place to streamline the vaporizer experience. Motif pods contain the oil’s original terpenes and have no additives, making them extremely high in purity. The pen, a newcomer to an already extensive line of Etain products, is compatible with all pure full-spectrum oil pods that Etain offers.

This campaign embodies the Etain brand and the idea of magnetism with its use of colorful, interactive visuals and bright, upbeat messaging in every communication and across every channel. A high note within the company’s continued momentum this year, Etain spotlighted the highly anticipated launch on its Instagram page. Learn more at the Motif page on Etain’s website.